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Interesting. What bible? I was brought up roman catholic. No longer am. But courious.
Maybe not the same bible.

Jamie Walters

Greetings! Thanks for visiting. I wasn't aware of it, either, despite being brought up in the Protestant church and teaching Sunday school when I was younger. Much more has been written on these perspectives since the 90s, it seems. "Sophia will be vindicated by her children" is one of the translations of Matthew 11:18-19 & Luke 7:33-35 (which are similar). Many of the standard bibles include the passages, though it sometimes reads "Wisdom will be vindicated by her children", or "Wisdom will be justified by her actions." Wisdom = Sophia (Greek). If we read the Nag Hammadi ("Gnostic") gospels, we see much more of these perspectives, but this one is in the standard New Testament.

Jamie Walters

p.s. "Standard bibles" includes the King James version (Cambridge & American editions) and others.

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