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Maybe this is me talking nonsense, but it seems like Google isn't a company run strictly by the top and they seem to be doing quite well.


Greetings, James.
Thanks for sharing your comment. I'm not sure of its relationship to this post, but know that Google does seem to be doing quite well, and seem to have a culture that relies on many people's input and efforts in order to thrive. They do a lot of good work through their foundation as well.
Thanks again for stopping by Sophia's Children.


Hello Jamie,
Well said, for integrity is not based on the medals we wear but on the scars we silently bear.

As for mystics,well, you will never find them sitting under a tree, you find them clawing at the roots.

For those who cannot see the light of their shadow, are destined to walk in their own darkness.

Take Care

Jamie Walters

Greetings, Robert. Thank you for taking time to post and share your insight. Integrity, like many things, seems grown from the inside out (or from the roots up), doesn't it? I appreciate your comments.

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