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Jamie Walters

I received a private message about this post, from a lovely fellow in the U.K. who shared a perspective that one reason that 'sacred feminine' scares the sh*t out of people is that the word 'sacred' is associated with religious fanatics.

I can see how that might be the case, with the apparent rising of fundamentalism in 'the Big Three' monotheistic Man-God religions.

Yet this is an irony to me, since, from what I can see, nothing at all is sacred to the fundmentalists or religious zealots. It's the same as people saying George W. Bush is a 'man of faith', when he's a 'man of religion.' There is a huge difference.

But sacredness and faith are much needed, and so there is a co-arising of these 'spirits'.

I thank him for sharing an important observation. :)

Love to all,

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