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Carla Sanders

Hi Jamie,
This is hilarious. I have certainly been aware of how many people in all fields have jumped on the Mary Magdalene bandwagon, to suck off a little marketing energy for whatever they are promoting.

I haven't read as extensively as you into this field, so I can't know for sure if these GUYa's would piss me off too, and ring insincere, and co-OPTing. Does bring up the question for me to consider: What does genuine embrace of the Feminine look like expressed by a man?

I know some men who have it, and who are my teachers in knowing the Sacred Feminine. Others may be moving in the intellectual territory in a Masculine conquest sort of way, and others may just be stumbling around, perhaps out of their depth in this new sweet ocean. What registers the difference to you? Is there danger here? or just a pet peeve?

Interesting perspective, this weekend I was with my teacher, a Native American, who is a Mother/Father being, and a great teacher of mine. He said that as an old man, he is more woman that man now. The older he gets the more he expresses the Feminine. Now how many western oriented men would think, or say that!

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