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Jamie Walters

Greetings, Carla.

I remember seeing this book cross my path awhile ago, but didn't read it. You raise an interesting point about the loss experienced by the Divine Masculine by the 'kidnapping' and quashing of his Beloved partner, the Divine Feminine. God without his Goddess partner is incomplete, partial, amputated.

With the emergence of much work and perspective on the Sacred Feminine and the effects of Patriarchy (vs. Masculine or male gender), there is some that addresses the effects on the Masculine, and about the Sacred Union (or RE-union) of the Beloveds with one another, creating Divine Unity.

Marion Woodman's work includes some discussion of this -- and there are interviews with her, as well as other articles on these topics, on Men's Web (menweb.com, I think, but you can find it by googling). Margaret Starbird's work on the Jesus/Magdalene union (and thus their symbolic Divine REunion of Masculine and Feminine) may also be related to what you share.

One article on Men's Web that I read earlier today talked about this topic relative to the Repunzel 'fairy tale', and how distraught the Masculine was -- wandering blindly in search of Her, and She, banished to the desert, also wandering in search.

As you've read more of the book, or finished and marinated with its insights, has anything else come to mind for you on this?

It's such an important insight, especially if we want to re-embrace the returned Feminine and create alternatives to the destructive Patriarchy without banishing or lashing out at the Masculine or 'every man' (though some are very much reflective of and supporters of the Patriarchal status quo).

Love to all,

Jamie Walters

A 'p.s.' - I was reminded of Anne Baring's work on the Divine Feminine, and in particular her online lectures about the Lunar and Solar Heroes. You might enjoy them.



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