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Diva Carla

Hi Jamie,
It is exciting to see Sacred Sisters, Wise Women reborn. I am curious to see how the comment feature works to create conversation energy. I know in the old forum, there were conversations I was mulling or simply had not had time to respond to. I hope some of those articles will be reposted here.

I am in and out of computer range until the end of April. AFter that I plan to be a regular participant here.

Best wishes,

Jamie Walters

Greetings, Carla. Many thanks for visiting and for posting. It's a grand experiment! Yes, it's my intention to repost sections of the former SSWW forum; I'll seek the poster's permission before posting others' posts, but I'm sure all will be okay with that!

I can also include the SSWW forum members as authors, allowing each of us to post our musings as entries. This would allow a functioning more like the dialogue forum format.

I'll explore how to do that, but I know it's an option.



Hi Jamie, I'd like to refer to something I wrote, and perhaps the wise comments in an article I am finishing. It occurs to me that I may have answered the question I am grappling with in an SSWW post! The topic: the Feminine wound.

I do hope others are coming here!



PS, Jamie, I may have subscribed to this blogs feed, by clicking on the link at the right. Something saved as index. Is that what is supposed ot happen? I have never done this before!


Jamie Walters

Greetings, Carla.

I'm going to send along an 'author invitation' to you so that you'll be able to post original posts to SSWW as you wish.

And regarding the 'subscribe to this blog's feed', this is a mystery that I'm working with TypePad's kind men and women to resolve! I will share my findings with you soon. As I understand it, you take the URL (that ends in index.rdf) and paste it into your own program (e.g. Yahoo, etc.) where it asks for the blog addresses. However, I will soon hear back from TypePad with more information.

I'm sure we would greatly increase viewership and participation by opening the SSWW blog to a public audience, but for now I'm keeping it a private group.

Any of our SSWW can invite others, and share the user name and password.

I'm also happy to add any who want to be able to add original posts to the author list.


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