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Jamie Yeah! Thank you for sharing. I wanted to say something about the flakiness. I recently read Ken Wilbur's book "Sex, Ecology and Spirituality". One of the most powerful things I got from it is this: We live in a holographic universe. Each 'layer' is contained within the next step in our evolution. It's not linear, but more like a series of russian dolls. The mysticism and nature-shamanism of earlier times was, according to Wilbur, pre-rational. It existed prior to the Enlightenment, prior to our evolutionary journey into the experience of life as a product of scientific proof. We didn't discard the earlier mysticism but encompassed it within our growing understanding of life.

These days, though, when we live in our multidimensional reality, we are "post-rational". We've encompassed the earlier 'out of body' type of spiritualism, plus the rational layer. And we've put then together to create a very grounded, embodied form of spiritual experience and expression.

So not flaky! So not airhead. Only problem is, many who haven't moved past the rational level have only experienced this type of energy as 'pre-rational' and so they think that's where we are. Not true. We've moved on and they'll catch up eventually.


love Kim

YAY JAMIE!!!! I knew I was picking up some very special stuff when we met!

Congratulations on finding the strength, confidence and courage to be open about your strong spiritual side. I'm finding the world is more and more open.....and even if they think they aren't, they are really hungry for goodness, kindness, nurturing and healing. So, those of us who bring that to the party cannot be shy!

Way to go! You rock!


Look out world,...she's out of the closet!

Great article - you're setting a great example for all of us who sometimes feel we need to hold back.


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