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Jamie Walters

Beautiful insights, Wendy. Thank you for sharing them. You wouldn't be Aquarius-rising, would you (if I remember correctly, you're not Aquarius Sun)? I understand the financial loss/challenge aspect - Uranus in Pisces doing its thing in my Solar 2nd house for the last 7 years. So much of this change goes right at our identification with those old societal norms, e.g. 'credit scores', which didn't even exist in our grandparents' time (just like 'insurance policies' or retirement funds -- these vaporware creations of the 20th century). For those of us who were deeply initiated over these last years -- and it sounds like you were amongst this crew -- even a natural adaptability to and experience with change wasn't enough. It went well beyond that. As you say, some losses just sap too much, and yet at the same time birth a deeper wisdom, compassion, and ability to 'see with our other eyes'. That said, it's really important to clear those energy patterns of loss ... I realized this about two years ago, but am really 'getting it' now.

Thanks again, Wendy. Blessings.

Wendy Groomes

Hi Jamie,

You expressed so well, what I have felt and experienced in the last several years. The financial loss has been the worst, especially in a society run by credit scores and bank accounts.

This week with all the Pisces, and many changes coming in my life, I felt bereft and lost. What I realized after another journey within, is 'change' is the norm now, not necessarily stability. Typically I except change more than most folks with all my mutable archetypal signatures, but some losses just sap too much. The overall good news is when we embrace the totality of who we are, losses and blessings, we expand into the ever expanding wisdom of compassion.

Thanks for sharing your authenticity.


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