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Jamie Walters

Thank you for visiting Sophia's Children & for your comments, Hermes and Mario.

I posted a reply earlier, but it seems to have gotten zapped between then and now. So here's another. :)

Mario, it did seem that the energies were intense at the time of those events, and since.

The solar flare question is interesting. NASA maintains information and updates on solar flare activity. According to them, most solar flare energy doesn't get through Earth's atmosphere, BUT the 'coronal mass ejection' types are more powerful and do tend to send more radiation through the atmosphere.

The CMEs can cause technology and power disruptions, etc., so I'd assume we'd feel it, too, yes?

We're in one of the more active years of the solar flare/CME cycles now (also according to NASAs information).

That's what I've rounded up so far!


Hermes Birkin

Good stuff as per usual, thanks. I do hope this kind of thing gets more exposure.

Mario A. C.

Interesting stuff. I felt very moved on the 9th of March, I must say. I took special note of the sun on that day, conjoining with it, intensely.

By the way, was there a correlation between the intense solar flare that erupted on the 9th of March and this 9th wave beginning? The flare hit Earth around the same time as the Japanese quake and tsunami, two days later, which you say was the time Uranus moved into a new cycle.

Very interesting. I have read a few articles on the 9th wave, since, especially since it is supposed to end in correlation to Ellenin.

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